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Always done me right. No complaints. You can come here and expect a completely accurate and honest oppinion.


The nightmare began when my husbands 2000 Toyota Tacoma's transmission needed to be replaced. The owner, by the name of Alex Bonilla, was more than eager to take the job and promised he could deliver the job as done in less than one week for $2200.00 to be paid up front. Well, a week came and went. We then get a call from his mechanic explaining that the wrong transmission was delivered, wrong transmission??? Who placed the order? Ok, we gave them the benefit of the doubt, but after one month of these kinds of excuses my husband went to the garage in person to speak to this Alex Bonilla. Mr. Bonilla tried to explain that this is not unusual and that for the price we could not do any better else where. Then to add insult to injury he says that if we take the job else where he can keep $200.00. The nerve of this crook. My husband told him to have the truck ready for towing and to refund our $2000.00 in cash, which the owner made a profit of $200.00 for doing absolutely zilch, but provide mouth work. We took our truck to Delta Transmissions in Antioch and the truck is ready in less than one week. Delta Transmissions in Antioch has been a pleasure to deal with and they have been honorable. The most infuriating detail of this whole thing is that Mr. Bonilla thought we were idiots to be taken advantage of and made a profit of $200.00 because he is a thief. We would not even give his business a star, minus one is more like it. If he went out of business that would be to good to be true and not surprising.

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